Terry & Sioux

Terry and Sioux, Founders


Sioux Z Wow Gourmet Marinade is the result of a life-changing meal where founders, Sioux (pronounced like Sue) and Terry Elledge, put together some of their favorite ingredients to create an original marinade for an impromptu dinner party. After the first bite, each guest said “Sioux Z……WOW!”

It happened every time Sioux used the marinade,

“Sioux Z …..Wow, this is the best marinade ever!”

That first “WOW” meal and many more, turned their casual creation, into a serious project to discover the unique qualities of the ingredients that enhance flavors rather than mask them, and to deliver that same “Wow” every time. In 1994 they found a small manufacturer who expanded their recipe into a production formula and the first 100 gallon batch of Sioux Z Wow Gourmet Marinade became a reality!

Within just a few months, their quick selling Marinade’s repeat sales required moving production to a big manufacturer that could keep up with the growing demand of their one and only product.

And today….. almost everyone still exclaims, “WOW” with their first and every bite. The rest is the delicious Story of “WOWs”.

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